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Howdy there folks!

My name is Bob and I am the Chief Mascot, Owner, and Founder of Bob Katz Klunkerz. Our Lot is now open for business at 6240 Sprint Parkway, Suite #100, Overland Park, KS 66211.

We started this dealership with one goal in mind: sell ‘dem cars you ain’t got the guts to. We pride ourselves on our ability to sell ice in the winter, sell fire in hell, we a bunch of hustlers baby, we sell water to a well. Don’t believe me? Check out Our Team!

With our opening being on Halloween, we got some scaaaaaaaaarrrrryyyyy good deals. The only thing scarier than our deals are the cars themselves. Don’t believe me? Check ’em out!

My name is Bob Katz and I approve this message!

Bob Katz